Driving Uber Oslo Tesla S

I should put some words together as a project came up about research of whether it’s effective to drive in Oslo with Tesla S for Uber service .

This is still only an idea I had some time ago,
and it requires someone with Tesla S 85P
(or similar/ higher model with higher on- charge range possibilities )  who is not using it as much and is willing to coop on this matter.
The difficult task is to find a serious partner who is willing to try this concept of 50/50 – time / cost / profit sharing.

Within one month of testing it in real life, 8 – 10 hours being online, with driving shifts during normal business hours from Monday to Friday, where the partner – owner of the car is @work so he is not using it, I will be able to estimate the effects and economics of using this technology  with possible benefits for the City, Environment, owner and driver of the car.